25% of Tech Nation’s Global Talent Visa endorsements contain tech founders.


International tech leaders are moving to the UK and bolstering the sector, according to Tech Nation’s Global Talent Visa Report 2022.

This year, Tech Nation selected 2,500 candidates from 5,000 applications from more than 100 different nations. Nearly 25% of the beneficiaries of endorsements are founders, and the majority of the remaining recipients are high-value workers in the technology industry since they are important figures driving advancement in the field. 25% of those endorsed are engaged in new fintech fields like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data.

According to the research, at least one non-UK citizen founded 18% of all UK IT companies. These international founders help the industry expand as they raised almost 23% (£8 billion) of all UK tech venture capital investments in 2021.

Tech Nation support 659 grants have been made using global talent visas thus far this year, which is more than were made in all of 2021. 73% of UK technology in 2022 was backed by foreign investors.

With 181,000 posts available as of May this year compared to 145,000 open positions in May 2021, tech job openings have grown in the past year.

The UK’s record number of IT job openings, according to Gerard Grech, founder, and CEO of Tech Nation, “demonstrates that the demand for outside talent has never been greater.” The UK cannot afford to be lax in its pursuit of overseas talent, notwithstanding its thriving, currently well-funded, and varied ecosystem.

“I grew up with the goal to make a good transgenerational impact by harnessing technology to develop global companies, and I started working consciously towards it very early,” said Isaac Oladipupo, co-founder and CEO of Afrilearn. Tech Nation provided the ideal opportunity for me to fulfill a strong goal I had to empower myself with international exposure and top-tier talents in a better economic system than I would typically have access to back in Nigeria. Beyond its vibrant IT sector and strong democratic principles, the UK has a leading economy and the most hospitable environment in the world for tech talent and immigrants.

For their Libra 2.0 program, Tech Nation recently chose 35 firms started by tech pioneers from racial and ethnic minorities in the UK.

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