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Widely renowned as Africa’s leading tech and immigration publication, is a world-class site breaking the biggest news on Technology and Immigration, with a focus on success stories of founders, startups and diaspora Africans.


The site was launched in August 2022 by Isaac Oladipupo, a Journalist turned startup Founder. Isaac is currently the Editor-in-Chief of working with visionary Associates, Staff, and Guest Contributors.


Writing on Isaac Africa

IsaacAfrica is constantly seeking seasoned technology, immigration and finance writers, contributors and accomplished guests to join our network of seasoned mentors sharing game-changing Technology and Finance stories with our global community.

Content covers a wide range of areas including the technology, startup, immigration wealth management, personal finance and personal finance. Contributor positions are unpaid. However, we are happy to put a promotional byline for all contributors including links to their personal projects. To write for us or submit an article, please e-mail


Working with Isaac Africa

We work with carefully selected companies and entities to craft compelling stories about their products, startups or items of public interest. For any enquiries regarding advertisement, and business partnerships please send an email to