Apple’s idea of protecting iPhone 14 users from Cyber-attacks

The idea is to put your iPhone 14 on literal Lockdown mode...


With great techs, comes great responsibility, and for Apple, they are taking the quote quite literally as they fight against cyber-attacks its iPhone 14 users could find themselves vulnerable to.

The tech company has created a fresh tool that accompanies the iOS16 with its Wednesday launch of the iPhone 14. This tool grants users the option to temporary switch off some of its feature, placing them on lockdown mode.

This feature is aimed at preventing users from unwittingly installing spywares intended to steal on their private data. The tool has so far earned high remarks from cyber security experts who consider the lockdown mode as an heavy duty weapon within Apple’s cyber security weaponry.

Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN, Marijus Briedis disclosed that it was the sort of feature that would be seen as standard issue amongst intelligence agents now gifted for wider use by audiences.

Apple’s idea of protecting iPhone 14 users from Cyber-attacks Apple’s idea of protecting iPhone 14 users from Cyber-attacks

“With just a few swipes users can set up the equivalent of Fort Knox on their iPhone, protecting data on their handset from the attention of would-be hackers.” The Chief Technology Officer explained.

The Lockdown mode if activated puts a restriction to the activity allowed on the device with the intention being to give cybercriminals little to no target.

However, this feature has its flaw according to Marijus Briedis which is limiting the iPhone’s performance and what the user can do with it once the phone is placed on lockdown mode.

An interesting fact is that when the iPhone is place on lockdown mode, message attachments and links will be blocked, and the user will be very much unable to gain access to shared photo albums as it will at that point be unavailable to the user.

Another point Marijus Briedis highlights is how placing the iPhone on lockdown mode will lead to a full system reset when it gets deactivated.

Thus, Marijus Briedis notes that its risk is worth evaluating considering it makes the user look like they have something much bigger to hide than they actually needed to.

“Unless you are a high-ranking government minister or privy to priceless state or commercial secrets, engaging Lockdown Mode to safeguard your phone is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

“If cybercriminals have your device in their sights, running the feature could convince anyone tracking your phone that you have something worth stealing,” Briedis said of the feature and cyber-attacks on it.


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