Edo Government want to Make it work for its Real Estate Market

It's a move to protect the Market and the People...


The real estate market is a big investment and a source of revenue for the government to milk off of, and to that effect, the Edo State government has made plans to sanitize its public against exploitations.

In such moves, the government called on estate developers in its capital of Benin City to identify ways to ensure operators within the market knew the laws and the regulations applicable to the sector.

According to a statement by its Commissioner for Physical Planning, Urban and Regional Development, Isoken Omo, she revealed the meeting which was scheduled today, Thursday, July 21, at its State Capital is intended to discuss the registration of their layout plans.

Edo Government want to Make it work for its Real Estate Market

This is in response to the fact that many of the estates sold in Benin City were not registered in the State’s database, thereby affecting it as the estates were not incorporated in their master plan.

In essence, the relevant authorities met to discuss with estate developers on the issues affecting estate development in the State.

“We are committed to ensuring sanity in the build environment and would want to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the development in the state is orderly, coordinated and in line with extant estate development regulations.” The Commissioner originally stated in her earlier statement requesting for the meeting.

The meeting which was based on addressing the issues affecting the sector tackles on the governmental policies affecting the business generally.

The round up was what the commissioner addressed as a need to protect its public and reduce the cases of exploitation and fraudulent practices that may dissuade potential investors to the market.

Edo Government want to Make it work for its Real Estate Market

As disclosed, the meeting held at the Ministry of Physical Planning, Urban and Regional Development in its Secretariat Complex, Sapele Road in Benin City as stated by the Commissioner, Isoken Omo.


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