France planning to Change its Asylum Policies with new Bill

France about to Complicate things for Asylum seekers...


Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, wants to disperse asylum seekers throughout the nation, particularly in places where population density is declining.

In order to eliminate a ridiculous policy that he views as “ineffective and immoral,” President Emmanuel Macron says France will start debating a bill on asylum and immigration at the beginning of 2023.

On Thursday, Macron said to a gathering of prefects that current practices involved placing people who arrived in France and “who” reside in underprivileged areas are the most miserable.

This, he claimed, was “ineffective because we have more foreigners un tough circumstances than many of our neighbors, and inhumane because this pressure results in them being greeted too frequently poorly.”

Especially in areas where population is declining, Macron urged the distribution of asylum applicants around the nation.

The anti-immigration National Rally’s leader, Marine Le Pen, refused to be persuaded.

“The distribution of illegal immigrants in rural areas is what Emmanuel Macron wants. They ought to return home, in our opinion” Friday saw her post a tweet. “We’ll fight this new crazy,” she said.

France planning to Change its Asylum Policies with new Bill

Additionally, Macron pledged to “increase the effectiveness of deportation measures” for illegal immigrants and stated that France needed to make the awarding of visas more dependent on “the spirit of cooperation to send back illegal foreigners, starting with those who violate public order.”

In exchange for further support from Algiers in the fight against illegal immigration, Macron and his Algerian colleague Abdelmadjid Tebboune prepared the way for the visa requirements between the two countries to be loosened. This was done during Macron’s recent visit to Algeria.

France should have “a sovereign policy” on immigration, according to Aurore Bergé, the leader of Macron’s Renaissance group in the National Assembly, who made this statement on Friday.

She said that “all French people are in favor of it” when asked about “selective immigration” on Cnews TV.

By reducing the maximum processing period from 120 to 90 days after entering France, the current immigration law, which was introduced in 2018, aims to speed up the asylum process.

Additionally, it attempted to facilitate the deportation of those whose claims were denied.

France planning to Change its Asylum Policies with new Bill

France The non-profit Terre d’Asile, which assists migrants and asylum seekers, stated that while the 2018 law needed to be reviewed, France “didn’t need a new law to better welcome foreigners.”

A member of France Terre d’Asile’s legal team, Hélène Soupios-David, told France Info that it is “essential” to provide asylum seekers a genuine and respectful welcome and to put an end to the follies and hypocrisy.

According to her, the vast majority of those seeking asylum in Paris have at some point been homeless.

“We need to ease the integration requirements, give them free access to the labor market, and allow them to acquire French as quickly as feasible.”

“Legislation is not the primary cause of any of this; rather, administrative challenges or a lack of resources do.”

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