Getting a Work Permit in Ireland

What it takes to get a Fresh start in Ireland...


You’ve gone through all the logistics and you most have arrived at your final conclusion; which is to get a fresh start somewhere else; say a move to Ireland.

Of course, getting a move to Ireland doesn’t mean you going there as a foreigner to lazy off on a couch without doing anything. After all, the goal isn’t to go Britain for a tour but to do some kind work that earns you some small money and in turn earns you a new life. That is the fresh start.

However, going to a country and just getting a job right out of the weather doesn’t feel right for a foreigner considering there are a lot of protocols involved after all. Hence, it is part of the formalities that a visitor migrating to Ireland on an elongated stay while with the intention of doing some hustle, needs to own a work permit.

And how do you earn a work permit in Ireland?

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation grants work authorizations. An employee has the same Irish Employment Rights as an Irish citizen once they have an employment visa and are actively working. There are many different kinds of job permits available, but the Critical Skills Employment Permit and the General Employment Permit are the two main entry points for anyone wishing to work in the technology sector.

Getting a Work Permit in Ireland

The Critical Skills Employment Permit

Only those in highly skilled eligible occupations are eligible for this visa. Since a result, there is a great opportunity for those in the IT sector, as numerous talents, such as those related to web design and development, programming, and other ICT careers, are currently in high demand on the Irish labor market.

When going the Critical Skills Employment Permit path, there are several benefits:

A ‘Labour Market Needs Test’ is not necessary because the skills are considered to be in limited supply.

After their dependents, partners, or spouses have settled in the State, permit holders can apply to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation for a Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit, which is currently provided free of charge. Permit holders can also apply for immediate family reunification through the Irish Naturalization & Immigration Service of the Department of Justice and Equality.

Upon expiration of the Critical Skills Employment Permit’s term, permit holders may apply to the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service for permission to occupy residence and engage in employment without a work permit being required.

The offered position must have an annual salary of at least €30,000, and the potential employee must have received a 2-year work offer from the prospective employer for the eligible occupation. It costs €1,000 to obtain this permit.

Getting a Work Permit in Ireland

The General Employment Permit

With the exception of occupations on the list of occupations not eligible for employment permits, this permit entitles the holder to employment in a wider variety of occupations.

The salary for the position must be at least €30,000 per year. The necessary yearly salary may, in some circumstances, be reduced to €27,000 These exclusions include the following:

A non-EEA student who has received an offer for a graduate position on the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations list after graduating within the past year from an abroad third-level institution

A non-EEA student who has just graduated from a non-EEA college and who has received an offer for a graduate position from the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations list’s ICT Category.

You need to make at least €30,000 in both of these situations in order to renew the permit.

A General Employment Permit is first issued for 2 years, and it can then be extended for an additional 3 years. After one year, holders of permits might be eligible to bring their dependents to Ireland, but they must be able to support them financially. After five years, they may submit a residency application.

A permit that is valid for less than six months costs €500, and one that is valid for between six months and two years costs €1,000.

Applying for an employment permit

A job offer is required before you can submit an application for an employment permit. Applications from recruiters or other agencies won’t be accepted; however, you can submit one yourself or have your company do it on your behalf. The price of the permit may be covered by employers.

The current processing period for both Critical Skills and General permits is roughly eight weeks, and applications are submitted online.

Getting a Work Permit in Ireland

Why your employment permit may be refused

Your application for an employment permit or renewal may be rejected for a variety of reasons, for instance;

You did not enter Ireland as an employee, but as a visitor.

You either entered Ireland unlawfully or you no longer meet the requirements when you first did.

The Department of Justice and Equality has ordered you to leave Ireland or is deporting you from Ireland.

You are looking for work with an employer who is not authorized to do business in Ireland and is not from the EEA or Switzerland.

There is a 28-day appeal period for all employment permit denials.

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