Give your Android Phone a Manual Upgrade doing this

About that Update you are thinking of...


Having an operating system issue on your Android phone that needs an urgent manual upgrade on it, well it only takes you doing quite a few things right on your phone.

Here is how:

You need to first and foremost turn on your Wi-Fi so you aren’t working on cellular data while looking to download or install the update. Then again, there is the fact your phone needs to be considerably powered before you go on with the updates.

Go directly to the ‘Settings’ area of your phone’s menu before clicking on it. Within the ‘Settings menu’, there are varieties of options provided but this time, your main interests are on the ‘System’ area.

However this depends on the phone model the user is operating on actually as some phones requires you going directly to the ‘About Phone’ area before any updates can be made.

Give your Android Phone a Manual Upgrade doing this Give your Android Phone a Manual Upgrade doing this

Doing this will then take you to another sub-menu option where you have to check for the ‘Update’ menu. In some phones it very much varies.

For Tecno phone models, you enable a manual upgrade or update if you will, if you click on the ‘Google Play System Update’ menu. There you will see the option that asks you to ‘Check for Updates’.

From then on, you observe whatever directions displayed on your phone’s screen to tap on a few on screen prompts like entering passwords and the likes that may pop up requesting you to confirm updates.

Again this depends on your Android phone.

The update can take a few minutes ranging from 15 minutes to 30 minutes or beyond but the idea is for the user to pick the recent or the latest version of Android the minute it finishes its update.


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