Google Pays the Right Person the Wrong Money

It doesn't happen to Often with Google, hence we are asking Google, Why?


It’s certainly one of those mistakes most people would wish Google made very often if you think of it, well that’s assuming they end up not realizing they actually made such errors.

A self-described US hacker and cyber-security expert received $250,000 “accidentally” from Google. The company acknowledges the mistake and works to fix it.

Sam Curry, a self-described US hacker and cyber-security expert, claims that Google recently deposited $250,000 (107,212,036.45 in Nigerian naira) to his bank account. Sam shared the problem on Twitter on Tuesday, claiming to have no idea why the tech company had paid him.

“It’s been a little over 3 weeks since Google randomly sent me $249,999 and I still haven’t heard anything on the support ticket. Is there any way we could get in touch @Google,” Curry tweeted along with a screenshot of the transaction. Adding to the tweet, he wrote, “(it’s OK if you don’t want it back…)”

Google Pays the Right Person the Wrong Money Google Pays the Right Person the Wrong Money

Google accepts the inaccuracy as one of those blunders caused by human error and is working to fix it.

Google said that the transfer was the result of “human error” in a statement to NPR, and that the internet giant intended to fix the problem and recover the funds. “Recently, due to a mistake made by one of our team members, the incorrect party received payment.” Google acknowledged Sam Curry’s prompt communication with them on the problem and stated that it was “working to correct it.”

For the time being, Curry, a Staff Security Engineer at Yuga Labs in Miami, Florida, claimed that he periodically searches for bugs for reward for big corporations like Google. He was unable to connect his part-time work, though, to the amount Google paid him. Curry continued by saying he was “hanging onto” the cash in case Google wanted to recover it. He said that if Google didn’t get back to him about the amount very away, he could have to transfer the money into a different account to avoid paying taxes on it.

‘Bug Bounty Hunting’ is the idea that computer giants like Google and Facebook or other IT corporations will pay cyber-security experts and hackers to uncover flaws and bugs in the software.

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