Here’s how to check if Your Password is ‘Compromised’

You might think it is but your Password might not be secure...


More often times than not, we go about using our devices oblivious that there could be someone out there using our devices or accounts with us and behind our back, simply due to the fact they have been able to crack our Password code.

A lot of times, it could be someone close to us; a friend, a relative or even our significant other. They often times don’t intend ill luck against us, they only just want to see what we do on the internet or read our secret chats just for the sake of having a laugh.

Or maybe they want to set us up with someone for the fun of it. This has happened to me personally, and thinking of it, it very well was funny back then, and only because it was meant to be funny. But what if it wasn’t meant to be funny?

What if it was someone malicious who got to crack the code to our Password or figure it out due to our sheer nonchalant attitude? What if the person meant us ill luck?

Here’s how to check if Your Password is ‘Compromised’

Obviously, we cannot be all perfect in how we set up our password. Most times, we avoid using lengthy passwords and resign to using identifiable names, figures or persons as our passwords for easy recognition only for it to end up being our doom.

It only takes some genius to read our person and figure out what we are likely to use as our password. So how do you stay top of the game and be on alert whenever your password has been compromised?

Well, there is this site created in 2013 by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft regional director that handles this subject. The man is very much popular in the cyber-security world for uncovering data breaches and thus put such expertise into the creation of ‘’ for people to figure out when their data or internet presence has been breached by someone.

With over 11 billion accounts compromised every year, this tool just about comes useful as intended in checking if your password is safe.

It is very easy actually, as what is required is for a smartphone user to visit the website; on their browser and enter their email address or phone number. It is important to enter the country code though.

Here’s how to check if Your Password is ‘Compromised’

Doing this will reveal if any of your credentials have been breached before or compromised and where it was compromised.

Also for domain owners, it allows them to check the safety of all emails associated with their domain name as it provides a domain search service.

Aside the site being easy to use, it is quite safe to use also, as even accounts that are compromised does not have its data stored in the site. There is also the fact that a mathematical property called the k-anonymity with the help of Cloudfare means whatever inputs into the tool are secure.

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