How Mindpass really Works

Mindpass could be the key to better password security



If there’s anything that’s stressing while working on the internet or on social media platforms it’s the problem of password.

Imagine the many thoughts coursing through the human brain, and for some reason, the internet expects you to keep in your thoughts a certain key word that grants you access into certain platforms at all times.

It’s probably exhausting right, and it’s even more exhausting if you’ve had to use different passwords for different internet pages or platforms.

This often happens when some pages require specific word length to validate the password compared to a prior page that only asks for a 6 word length key word.

Thus, we are most likely to jumble around passwords or even forget them along the way. We all have forgotten our passwords before, no matter how smart we may think we are.

We’ve all used that password recovery option given to us by the internet as a last ditch effort to recover whatever account we may have created.

How Mindpass really Works

But with Mindpass, it offers something more, something quite different.

It’s a 3D system that connects all our passwords and enables us keep track of them, using the mind.

It may sound complicated but it’s not, considering what you need is just your brain. The 3D system simplifies the password complications by using objects or visuals we are most likely to recall.

What you need to do is:

Simply install the software on your Android system or laptop, register an account using an email address.

Once the account is set up, a dashboard presents a series of objects in which you are to choose the four you find most appealing. These objects you selected are then stored in a digital realm.

Here’s the catch in all these, the four objects selected are what will let you to log into your favorite sites or accounts.

In essence, it has made retrieving passwords much easier as the software connects you to your various online accounts and pages.

Mindpass is trusted by companies such as Google and Xfinity and also boasts of being impregnable to hackers.

Bear in mind that the software itself doesn’t have access to your passwords as they are encrypted and decrypted for your own private view.

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