How to Turn Off Online Status in Facebook & Messenger in 2022


Distractions are the modern-day evil. One way to shield yourself from the noise is carve out focused time for activities that move the needle. I’m not talking 8-hour days. One way to do this is to read a book for 30-45 minutes daily or 3 hours of daily deep work can set you lightyears ahead of the distracted crowd. Your timer is your friend.


This week, train your mind to focus on one thing for longer periods by learning how to How to Turn Off Online Status in Facebook & Messenger, as explained below.


Here’s how to turn off your online notification status on Facebook and Messenger. It’s very simple. So, you go to your Facebook App, and then the first thing you do is go to your Profile. My profile is right here where you have the three lines – I’m going to click that. And then next, go to your Settings.


Once you get to your settings, click your profile settings here, and then Active Status. I’m going to click my Active Status here, and then you see the nob where you can turn off your Active Status. Simply turn it off. Turn off. That’s all. To do likewise for your Messenger App, all you’ve got to do is go to your Messenger App.


We have my Messenger App here so I’m going to click it. Afterwards, you go to your Profile Picture. Simply click your Profile Picture right here. Once you’re there, go to Active Status, and then turn it off. Yeah, that’s it.

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