Password recovery for android Phones are never a Problem

It's only a problem if you don't know the answer...


There is this saying that, a situation is only a problem when you do not know your way around it or out of it, and for password recovery for android phones, they are the least of your problems only if you know your way around it.

Here is the thing, we need passwords, we cherish them cause they serve as our protection; protection against external infiltration or possibly just for the fun of it and to give off that mystery feel to our person.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot forget them as in all honesty, so many things could go wrong in a day for us that ultimately, remembering a password may not be our primary concern in that moment.

So how can we bail ourselves out of such awkward situations particularly when it has to do with a smartphone that we own?

Well, here is one trick that may not have come up to our recollection while thinking about leaving our homes for somewhere else in search of a solution.

Password recovery for android Phones are never a Problem

The Google account protocol

Now, we may have forgotten that at a point while setting up our android smartphone, we set up a Google account, which ironically now turns out to be our getaway driver from such awkward situations.

So here is the thing, you must have tried every keyword or pattern to get your phone unlocked and each time it keeps telling you Wrong Password and stuffs like that. All you need to do is click on the ‘Forgot Pattern/Password’ angle, there in you will be asked to log in to your Google account; the one which you presumably registered with the same phone.

This process unlocks your phone and you will be given a chance to set up a new password or pattern.

Then there is the; Restore Factory setting protocol.

What needs to be done here is to switch off the phone the minute you figure out you cannot recall your password again. Then, while switching it on, hold on to the Volume up/down button alongside the power on button.

This sets up the recovery mode which allows you to Clean, Erase data and wipe cache once you have selected the factory reset option. The next time you turn on your phone, it no longer asks for a password or pattern.

For the iPhone users, what needs to be done once its passcode is forgotten is to first of all switch it off. Of course, this can be done by holding down the power button.

Then, you place the phone on recovery mode by holding on to the power button while connecting it to external devices such as the Macbook or your PC. For the iPhone 7 users and later versions of the iPhone series, you press on the volume down button.

For older versions of the iPhone series, you press the home button.

Password recovery for android Phones are never a Problem

Before you go through with this, you need to have iTunes installed on your PC or Macbook, this will allow you to see the recovery mode screen of the device which only the iTunes software can help you gain access to control it.

All you need to do then on is to click on the ‘Restore’ option found on the software which in turn deletes all the data on the iPhone including the passcode.


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