Phones to the Toilet is Suicide by Addiction

A Case where it's your only friend that's killing you...


We all have our fetishes, but in the tech age, it’s become a general fetish for almost everyone in taking their phones with them to the toilet. It’s almost become like an addiction that our smartphones have to an extent become a part of our bodies we take with us wherever we go.

We sleep with it, dine with it, read with it, cry on it and then take a pee while holding on to it. It’s like someone hanging on to something and never ready to let it go no matter how much it hurts them being by it.

Of course, there are those who aren’t bothered by it. In fact, they will debate the fact that it is very much harmless going about with their phones even if it was to the toilet or not.

But for those concerned about their health and psychological wellbeing; this article highlights how phones to the toilet, is a case of suicide by addiction.

First things first, an addiction very much shows there has become a psychological issue with us if we cannot do away with something even for a minute. It shows that somehow we no longer maintain the focus or concentration we often had prior to the addiction. It also shows that our brains have mentally become overtly reliant on a single thing, and it has now halted its ability to think towards other lines.

When we stop thinking and become so glued to one focus, we ultimately risk redundancy. This results in some sort of detachment from other aspects vital to our own wellbeing; our social skills, logical or quantitative reasoning and so on. In summary, the psychological effects taking your phone to the toilet causes you is that it limits the little time you have for yourself to meditate or reflect.

Let’s face it, many people’s only free hour are those little minutes they have to themselves in the toilet. Some barely have time sleeping or without being crowded by people or by thoughts and most of the times they spend it with their phones or worrying about the world. The toilet is probably where they can come into at the end of the day and sigh with a calm mind to allow fresh thoughts.

But this isn’t the case anymore cause we spend those times looking at our Instagram feeds, watching YouTube videos or whatever we do with our smartphones.

Then there is the fact that, spending the time in the toilet with our smartphones endangers us to harmful bacteria no matter how much we want to deny it or that our toilets are as clean as anything. The toilet might be clean and free from Bacteria but what about our smartphones?

Phones to the Toilet is Suicide by Addiction

If our smartphones are free from bacteria, what about the extra minutes we spend inhaling whatever wastes we may be forcing out into the toilet hole all while listening to a music video?

Then there is the fact of posture which risks Hemorrhoids, and why is that exactly?

Of course, taking a piss or a dump in the toilet should be something quick which we do in a relaxed state of mind and posture but taking along a smartphone for the distraction, changes the way we position our bodies or organs.

Instead of spending little time in there, we spend added more minutes pressuring our organs while maintaining our concentrations on our smartphones.

Phones to the Toilet is Suicide by Addiction

There is also the theory that hemorrhoids cases have increased since the creation of smartphones.

While speaking of posture in our toilet sitting position, we can actually risk Pelvic Floor Dysfunction that may cause our intestine, bladder or vagina to gradually slip with time due to the minutes spent in a defined position that may not be suitable for our muscles.

So there it is, an addiction ultimately becoming a subtle suicide act.


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