Play Store down to most users

Some users identify issues with Play Store app...


The Play Store appears to have been down for a number of hours, and Google users have taken notice of this to report the issue on Twitter to a ‘DF-DFERH-01’ error. The ‘DF-DFERH-01’ error began displaying on September 20, 2022, with users noticing a variety of functions not functioning.

On Tuesday, a portion of its users appear to be experiencing issues with the feature that houses several programs.

While Google works to fix the most recent bug, the Down Detector lists instances of outages that have lasted longer than six hours.

Despite waiting a long time, users have reported that they are unable to download the programs since their status remains “pending.”

A handful other people, meantime, have had trouble logging in or making any transactions.

When users attempt to enter the Online Store, they are greeted with the ‘DF-DFERH-01’ problem. People are trying to discover a remedy while others wait for Google’s reaction, and Twitter is swamped with tweets about the same.

A Play Store user was noted having tweeted: @GooglePlay What is the latest on the Google Play Store issue? Can you verify that there is a problem with the code df-dferh-01?

Possible remedies

You could try the following troubleshooting steps for a potential fix:

To ensure that app downloads continue without interruption, make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is strong.

Verify the available storage on your device.

Close the Play Store and reopen it, or remove it and install it again.

Clear Google Play Services’ cache and data.

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