Protecting Printers from Cyber Crimes

In the age of technology, nothing is really safe unless you act...


If there is one area often overlooked by internet users when seeking protection for their devices against Cyber Crimes, it has to do with printers.

Printers are often overlooked and considered harmless compared to say the laptops, or smartphones where every user is most concerned of their security as well as that of their laptops or smartphones.

This is mostly due to the fact many do not consider the printer vulnerable to hacking, and like other of our gadgets, printer security should be made very much a priority.

Where printers can be very much dangerous lies in the fact that they can expose its users to unexpected risks especially when has to do with their personal data and information. Considering printers now have unique storage features that allow them to queue up documents for easy printing, any cyber-attack on it can risk the user’s private data falling into the wrong hands.

Documents can now remain in printers despite being disconnected or turned off, which provide hackers the perfect opportunity in gaining access to stored data.

Protecting Printers from Cyber Crimes

So how can a user protect his files from being stolen from his printer?

The Simple option of a Password

When it comes to protecting a device from unauthorized usage, the best solution is probably to password it. In this case, it will take a potential hacker or third party to access your printer only if they have the right combinations you used.

Hence, it is advisable to use strong passwords that only the user knows and can recall. The user can also choose to set a reminder to change the password from time to time in an extra layer of protection.

Limit Internet Usage

It is highly advisable that users of printers to better protect their device, should use less of the internet when they carry out printing activities. This is simply due to the fact that printers can be vulnerable to malware. These malwares can access confidential or sensitive information send unauthorized print tasks of engage in DOS based attacks.

Protecting Printers from Cyber Crimes

Public space usages of Printers may work against you

Printing in public spaces may not be a problem if the individual isn’t printing out sensitive issues but even at that, public space printing may work against the user in ways they may not imagine. There is also the fact that printers are usually connected to numerous devices in an open space, so you may never know who might gain unauthorized access.

Install Firewalls to your Printer

This will keep the printer better protected from the internet especially when the firewalls provided by the printer’s maker are installed into the device. What the user has to do is to enable them and ensure a regular update from time to time.

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