Research tools to Befriend in the course of research

What Online tools can you rely on during Research?


You are a researcher trying to get your tasks up and running but somehow things keep slowing you down like those nifty things such as formatting, citation and those other little annoying things that ironically sums up the formalities of research.

But of course, the luxury of the age of technology provides the researcher the safe haven for his research work only if they were to call upon the right research tools to aid them.

So which online research arsenal can a research call on to be their sidekick in a project?

Well, there are quite a number of them, ranging from Zotero, ResearchGate, Mendeley, Google Scholar, SciSpace, Turnitin, Hypothesis and so on, but for the interest of this article, we would probably focus on these 7.

Zotero, for many of its users would describe it as that personal research assistant a researcher badly needs to assist in their craft. The tool for one does a number of monotonous tasks such as gathering research sources and adding citations to the project.

Research tools to Befriend in the course of research

The application allows you organize your files into categories and to assign keywords to them. With each item that is saved, you can add notes, attachments or related materials to them, with the application able to simplify the referencing to create citations and bibliographies.

Its browser extension used via desktop has a feature that lets the researcher save sources in the online library to allow the user organize and cite them. One good feature of the tool is that it allows for file sharing.

One problem, Zotero provides is that a research would need to pay for a bigger storage should they exceed the 300MB awarded them on a free basis.

When it comes to ResearchGate, this is regarded as a tool that offers a networking platform with over 20 million registered accounts. It allows researchers to share their works with those of like mind, ask questions from established experts as well as gain exposure to a wider audience while also receiving necessary feedback.

A tool that is more like a networking platform, aside aiding research works or developing projects, can also help researchers gain employment through exposure. Registering an account with it is quite free but a researcher will very much endure a process of verifying his identity as a researcher.

Mendeley though is more like Zotero considering it lets you save papers, organize the file library and add citations in a number of styles, however the notable difference is the fact it has quite the user friendly interface as well as a search engine that lets the research find papers.

Research tools to Befriend in the course of research

It also has a career section that has a number of listed vacancies in the case of a job hunt by the researcher. It’s free plan allows you a storage system of 2GB after which its exhaustion means the researcher will need to pay roughly $5 per month or more for additional space.

For the Google Scholar, it is very much the most popular tool that lets the research find scholarly literature on a number of topics. It lets the researcher explore various academic papers, case studies or theses.

The Google Scholar also helps organize articles in a library and lets the user create profiles to showcase their work while also tracking citations to it.

For SciSpace, it lets the researcher to simply write and format their research papers with little stress as it has a number of templates for projects.

Aside the fact the editor screen lets the researcher write and format as well as adding citations to their work, it also serves as a plagiarism checker. The down side though is the fact that it has very limited features unless the researcher subscribes to a $20 per month plan.

Research tools to Befriend in the course of research

Turnitin is another tool that works quite well as a plagiarism checker as it has a gigantic library of published papers. This tool is paid for and requires an institutional license before access is granted.

For the Hypothesis tool, it works as a Chrome extension that allows the research to collaborate with their colleagues as they can add people to a group, share documents with them and annotate the documents. It may look like a simple extension but is considered as one of the best tools to annotate research based web pages. There is also the added positive that it is quite free to use.

Then there is another tool that helps in adding citations and references automatically that is called Citationsy.

These tools are designed to help aid the researcher in his projects and relieve the pressure that comes from having to undertake researches.


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