Samsung having a ‘Laugh’ over iPhone 14

What is a Market without a healthy competition?


The iPhone 14 just dropped recently; most specifically last Wednesday, and it is safe to say one of Apple’s rivals in the phone business, Samsung aren’t very much a fan of it.

Samsung upon the iPhone 14 unveiling did not fail to troll the new model and its competitor, Apple when it chose to officially showcase its latest version of the iPhone to audiences.

The South Korean smartphone giant had initially targeted the Apple Watch Ultra that was dedicated to sports practice and exploration, making witty remarks on its Twitter account after its unveiling.

They praised the tech but sure didn’t fail to let their competitor know it could be a lot more classic with a round shape to it.

Samsung having a ‘Laugh’ over iPhone 14 Samsung having a ‘Laugh’ over iPhone 14

“Nice. A little boxy, but nice. A round shape” Samsung had tweeted of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Samsung who does quite well running its social media handle with humor, didn’t fail to point to its rival what the iPhone 14 was incapable of doing compared to its new range of smartphones like the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung having a ‘Laugh’ over iPhone 14

The characteristics of this model technically has it folding up which of course, the new iPhone 14 cannot do, something the South Korean giant didn’t fail to banter Apple on.

Taking to their Twitter page, they tweeted;

“Let us know when it folds,” which was largely in reference to Apple’s new iPhone 14 label.

This is obviously rivalry at its best and for sure, the winners will be the consumers who are surely having a laugh as the two smartphone giants try to best themselves.

One though should admit Samsung does know how to get on its competitor’s nerve seeing as they chose to market their Galaxy Z Flip 4 with a video posted on YouTube the minute Apple did its unveiling.

Let us know it when it folds. 💁‍♀️

Samsung having a ‘Laugh’ over iPhone 14

— Samsung Mobile US (@SamsungMobileUS) September 7, 2022

Perhaps an Oscar nomination for the Admin of the Samsung twitter page? At this point what Samsung is telling Apple is; they will only come to terms if Apple had a flip phone version of the iPhone 14.

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