Scheming Past Your Competitors Using an Outcome Mindset

Mindset is what separates the schemer from the rest


An Outcome Mindset gives the head start you never knew you needed.

There’s one thing that cannot be ignored about life; the need to survive. And the need to survive is inherent on the challenges that face one in their everyday life.

The challenges come in different forms, either in human form or some stumbling block one finds themselves competing against. But like it is with every challenge, what it takes for one to come out on top; is the mindset.

Hence, the Outcome mindset is solely a concept that focuses more on the outcome of an output than it does the output itself. In lay terms, this mindset doesn’t care about the ‘Hows’ that led to a result but the result itself.

Often times, the term ‘hard-work pays’ is ingrained in individuals in order to increase their output which in view is done to achieve better results, but the Outcome mindset counters this argument entirely.

Though it acknowledges output as being needed to achieve a result, it also asks that more focus be placed on that which brings the better result.

Scheming Past Your Competitors Using an Outcome Mindset

In essence, people aren’t going to just work for the sake of hard work, but the result or outcome it yields.

The concept allows for better long term goals to be achieved using strategies that are flexible to change and on the short term. Simply put, there is no clear or defined permanent strategy but rather what gets the result in the moment, which ultimately could be discarded if eventually it no longer works anymore.

Take for example, in the game of football; clubs generally have the long term vision for continuous success and recognition. That being said, it doesn’t mean they end up being focused on just one approach or under just one management. The vision is prolonged success, but the mindset is getting the result now.

That said, a manager who doesn’t get the needed result in the moment could be fired or asked to change to a tactics that gets the team winning immediately. The club owners don’t care the process or the tactics he comes up with but the bottom-line; result.

The ‘outcome mindset’ thus, constantly asks for innovations and evolutions in order to keep staying ahead of the competition or ensuring survival of a business. It frowns at conservativeness and rigidity.

Hence, a lot of experimentations are done on consistent basis like with banks continually changing its policies, or telecommunication industries crafting out different promos or say football teams like Chelsea always sacking managers all because of an outcome.

Of course, there are contradictions to this principle or concept, considering some organizations or agencies have found what works for them, and very much stayed by it without a need to evolve or tweak things. After all, there is a saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix’.

But that then gives the competition an upper hand in the open market.

Scheming Past Your Competitors Using an Outcome Mindset

And why is that?

The need for evolution or innovation isn’t done necessarily because the old concepts or techniques are bad, it’s done because a business serves a goal or a need, and that need changes as people keep changing. The people are the customer, and if they get to outgrow your product or brand, or adapt to other brands, then ultimately your business crumbles.

Imagine if products that were known to cater for one demo graph kept on doing the same for a long time, what ultimately happens when one day, that specific demo graph was significantly reduced?

In essence, the outcome mindset speaks more on purpose driven objectives than a process driven machinery.


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