The Oil and Gas worker earning Millions in Photography

They don't write CVs, CVs write about them...


While most Nigerians are submitting CVs to work in Oil and Gas firms as contract staff, Aham Ibeleme picked up photography to let his CV write about him earning millions for taking snapshots.

Ibeleme acknowledges venturing into the business of Photography after a trip to the UK for his Masters in Geosciences. And of course like every Nigerian going abroad for the first time, he felt the need to take photos to document his stay prompting an interest in photography.

The Nigerian reveals it was prior to the age of the smartphones, and all he had was his professional camera to take snapshots he desired.

Getting the courage to venture into it wasn’t an easy step for Aham Ibeleme though as he reveals he was very much the novice spending 500 pounds getting a professional camera. His first client was his twin brother whom he took photos of to post on Facebook.

The Oil and Gas worker earning Millions in Photography The Oil and Gas worker earning Millions in Photography

And when it comes to social media, it was only about time before it attracted the attention of a friend who decided to reach out to him to cover her wedding. Of course that didn’t go without him receiving a pay check of ₦200k at a time the naira had much better value.

It turned out to be the spark he needed to get into the business proper, seeing the advantage the wedding photography market held.

Before then, Aham Ibeleme reveals he worked in Port Harcourt for oil and gas firms doing contracts before leaving for the UK for his Master’s degree. As fate would have it, Ibeleme ended up not using his Master’s degree.

Aham Ibeleme acknowledges being the quick bloomer in the game as in his first 3 years of learning through YouTube videos and doing occasional gigs, he was opportune to meet some musical stars whom he became friends with and got to take their pictures.

Posting these photos online attracted more interests from people and the more he posted, the more they came calling. He was able to build his portfolio with others supporting his work through sharing them online.

A particular photograph he acknowledges was the highlight of his career was a portrait he titled, ‘Ogiso’ that was captured in black and gold.

The Oil and Gas worker earning Millions in Photography

Since then, Aham Ibeleme reveals he does studio works and occasionally workshops on photography. That is not mentioning the fact that he has 2 books written on photography alongside video courses.

On what he considers a good month, Ibeleme sees his income streams running in millions which he reveals doesn’t include him waking at 4 A.M like most Nigerians to go to an office.

Speaking of the Nigerian folks, Ibeleme leaves behind a few advice for Creatives looking to get into the space. According to the millionaire photographer, he notes having a convincing body of work goes a long way to attract clients. Then again, he admits with people having quite the good profile, it takes far more than being convincing to attract the bigger clients, it needs standing out.

The Oil and Gas worker earning Millions in Photography The Oil and Gas worker earning Millions in Photography

“Until you do that, the rest will not follow,” He notes. “Today, people meet me and say I changed their lives.” Ibeleme added.

The photographer also acknowledges the importance of a Creative reinventing himself without being conservative or rigid to change.




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