The tricks about getting a Nigerian International Passport

What you need to know about the Nigerian International Passport...


The times are growing fast, the economy is dwindling, everyone is out looking for greener pastures, and for a Nigerian, the quest for greener pastures needs an International Passport.

It’s something that has interested every Nigerian looking to escape the harsh economy of the country, either through the route of a student, a tourist, for business or for permanent migration. But what are the odds that you can get one online?

For one, it would be of interest to know that the Nigerian Federal Government has made up to about 39 billion naira from the sales of international passports alone, meaning a lot of Nigerians have and will be looking to run away.

Now, online registrations have made it quite easier for people looking to run away.

First things first, it should be noted that the international passport comes of two types; there is one with 32 pages and another of 64 pages then there are those classed as either the standard or the official international passport.

For a citizen who doesn’t travel out of the country that often, they may find themselves handed the 32 pages passport whereas the 64 pages passport gets handed often to those looking to fly out many times on business occasions or perhaps on vacations or tours.

The tricks about getting a Nigerian International Passport

Hence, the Nigerian Immigration Service handing different types of passports to Nigerians depending on their aims travelling out of the country.

The ‘Standard e-passports’ usually with the green cover are available to all Nigerian citizens whereas the one that finds itself with a blue cover, the ‘Official e-passports’ are only issued to Nigerian diplomats and government officials.

Going by the modern times where things are brought to the online world, getting a Nigerian passport doesn’t have to be done at the NIS offices nor for a Nigerian citizen living abroad and looking to get into the country having to visit the Nigerian Consulate.

So how do you go about laying your hands on those green or blue booklets?

Well, first things first, you need to pay for it, and you can choose to do that in either the U.S. dollars or the Nigerian currency, although it is worth interesting to know that the International Passport varies in cost depending on the applicant’s age and his booklet’s preference.

On the NIS website, the prices for 2022’s international passport listings go as follows;

The tricks about getting a Nigerian International Passport

Minors from between the ages 0-17 years of age have their fees at N8,750 likewise with senior citizens of about 60 years and above. But adults of 18-59 years of age helps the government bank N15,000 per each booklet. The prices are only for applicants looking to go with the 32 pages booklet though.

For the 64 pages booklet, there is no discriminate figure sum as each age classification has a fixed price of N20,000.

The pricelist very often is subject to changes though, which all the more makes it important for anyone looking to get their hands on any of those to always keep tabs on the prices on the NIS’s website.

So what are the requirements before you can get your hands on an international passport either online or offline?

Well, the usual formalities that often times gets asked of you as a Nigerian, although it is worthy of note to know that it differs if it is a standard passport you are after.

For a standard passport, you would need: a proof of the identity of your local government (to prove you are actually a Nigerian with a place you identify yourself with).

Then there is the proof of age or birth certificate, to serve as verification for your age.

The tricks about getting a Nigerian International Passport

A pair of passport sized photographs which first and foremost should be colored and should be taken with the 2 months of making travel arrangements. This is done basically to avoid you looking different in the passport from how you would at that present time.

Then of course, there is the formal oath taken by a guarantor within the presence of a commissioner of oaths, a Magistrate, or a High Court Judge. In summary, just get some court details affirming of your decision to move out.

For special cases such as married couples or underage students or in cases where a passport got stolen and needs a renewal, there would need to be a legal proof of marriage for the couple, a police report in the case of passport theft and in the case of an underage student, a signed letter of permission from their parents or guardian.

For Official passports, well, you will need the letter of introduction from the important State and Federal Government Ministry Organizations.

There also could require a legal proof of marriage if there is a case of such and a police report if needing to renew a lost or stolen passport.

Of course, your employer, be it current or prior needs to verify your employment status either with a copy of your appointment letter or a promotion letter.


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