The Truth behind the 4G LTE Technology no one will tell you

Some techs may not be what they seem



How much do you know of the 4G technology?

It is part of the human psyche to be wowed by latest technological inventions or trends that may sometimes cloud their minds from certain obvious factors.

For the 4G technology, there are some points people very often ignore about it, and this comes with the fact that the technology has made information quite easier to gain, and it isn’t the fact that it is easier to gain that is the issue but that it’s now easier to gain illegally.

The Truth behind the 4G LTE Technology no one will tell you

The technology has created a possible whereby there stands a chance of interference through the jamming of frequencies whereby privacy gets invaded upon.

This is due to the fact that using the 4G technology requires the aid of new devices to be used with it, and this result in new frequencies and components in the cell towers that transmit signals.

With the data prices getting increasingly higher, with consumers having to trade their old devices for new ones that are compatible to the 4G network, they stand a risk of trading their privacy while losing a lot of money along the way.

The glamour of the 4G technology also hides the fact that it consumes quite a lot of battery along with data, with the battery burning much hotter than a microwave.

The Truth behind the 4G LTE Technology no one will tell you

There is also the hidden fact that the devices that were once compatible with the 4G technology are much cheaper than what this new version holds, and there is the reality that the 4G mobile tech stands to have a number of glitches and bugs that would make its cost a regrettable expense for the user.

There is also the fact that the reason for which the technology has a low battery life is the fact that it utilizes many antennae and transmitter on your mobile, hence you would be forced to use much larger devices with higher battery life than the miniaturized versions.

The 4G LTE network because it is needs quite the complex hardware, has been restricted to a few regions with it taking quite the number of time to spread out or become available and efficient in most regions of the world.

For regions that do not have the 4G mobile coverage, there comes then the need to use the 3G or Wi-Fi connection for which the charges are the same as the 4G in which the user does not have the access to.

With the 4G not as expanded as the technology, this becomes quite the problem for users looking to maintain cost for what they choose to use. Imagine not getting your money’s worth?

The Truth behind the 4G LTE Technology no one will tell you

It is worth noting and referencing again that the 4G technology requires quite an expensive infrastructure to enable it to function properly.


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