Tik-Tok Is HIRING !! Content partnership manager from Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa


Ranking Top-5 in Apps & Entertainment service on App Store and Play Store, TikTok announce a job listing role available for people in Sub-Saharan countries. Although TikTok has global offices, there are none in Africa as a whole. The job listing is opening to three African countries – Lagos (Nigeria), Kenya, and Johannesburg (South Africa) and is being termed as a local partnership.

In order to expand the lifestyle and education vertical, the Content Partnerships Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa will be in charge of putting TikTok’s plan into practice and leading localization. Fashion, beauty, food, travel, motivation, and other educational content are some of the vertical’s categories that will be focused on.

Role of Content Partnership Manager

  • Find, welcome, and cultivate strong connections with content partners.
  • To achieve distinctive results through partnerships, negotiate and carry out partner agreements.
  • Create a thorough localized strategy to promote partner development and growth (top publishers, public figures).
  • Define distinct tactics to meet local market needs using data and experience.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and improve the output of regional content partners.
  • Conduct account performance reviews for elite partners in order to foster development and performance and to create strategic alignment.
  • Increase publisher content quality, platform engagement, and audience growth, as well as analyze individual and overall creator performance.
  • Apply creative thinking to content development and campaign ideation.


  • A Bachelor’s degree or a higher qualification, with a minimum of 4+ years in an external facing partner role or creator facing experience in TV/media or Internet, working with talent and content creators.
  • Demonstrated experience identifying, negotiating, and executing content partnerships. This is not an advertising or sales role.
  • Interest in lifestyle and education across Sub-Saharan Africa and the ability to influence others in the space.
  • Existing relationships with a network of top creators, influencers, brands, publishers, institutions, and content partners within categories such as fashion, beauty, food, travel, motivation, and other instructional content lead them towards partnership.
  • A deep understanding of the publisher and creator culture.
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills.
  • Comfortable providing partner support over the phone, email/web, and in-person. –
  • Proven track record of operating independently, demonstrating creativity, strong attention to detail, and managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • The ability to adapt to business needs and work in a fast-paced environment and be able to work in multicultural environment.

This position can be based in South Africa, Nigeria, or Kenya and you can apply here.

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