Trouble for Risevest CEO over Scandal

Could a scandal be the undoing of Risevest...?


Risevest CEO may have quite enough to deal with on his plate now with investors calling for his sanction over the scandal he faces relating to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Eke Eleanya Urum, who is known as the founder and CEO of the Nigerian based investment, Risevest, has been asked to step down from his duties after the public eye caught in on his alleged involvement in some sexual and non-sexual conduct.

The Risevest CEO according to reports was alleged to have been involved in bullying and intimidation of persons currently unknown, which according to the CEO is being investigated on.

This of course has led to investors of the company making quick moves to hold their investments together by ensuring the founder steps down and dissociates himself from the company while investigations continuing into the alleged crimes.

Trouble for Risevest CEO over Scandal

Mr. Eke Eleanya Urum denied any knowledge of the identities of the individuals behind the allegations but has so far cooperated with the wishes of investors to step down from the company few days ago, promising to await the results of the investigation.

“We [investors, investigative panel and the Risevest team] all agreed that it’s best for the panel to complete their investigation without any external noise, else it’ll add bias to the investigation or preempt the outcome,” the CEO said.

The panel leading the investigations into the allegations consists of TLP Advisory’s Odunlowa Longe, TVC Labs’ Tomi Davies and Tunde Anjous of The People Practice.

The investment company was founded by the collaborations of Bosun Olanrewaju, Eke Eleanya Urum and Tony Odiba in 2019 with the aim of allowing Africans to invest in foreign investment opportunities.

Trouble for Risevest CEO over Scandal

It is interesting to note that this isn’t the first time Risevest has faced a form of scandal as in 2021, it was one of the 4 fintech companies that had its accounts frozen by the Central Bank for its involvement in speculative trading, which based on the allegations then was said to have weakened the Nigerian currency against the dollar.

Although, 2 months later, the company had the order overturned.

With Eke Eleanya stepping down, Mr. Tony Odiba will act in his stead as CEO with Mr. Otasowie Evbuonwan leading the operations in the US.


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