U.S Intelligence Hacks into Chinese Telecom Network

Game of Hacks...


Talk about the seeds of discord being sown, as the United States Intelligence found itself hacking into a telecom network in China.

According to a well-known state-backed tabloid, US intelligence agents broke into a government-funded university and took control of some of China’s telecom network. This is Beijing’s most recent claim of US cyber-intrusion.

Unnamed telecom companies were “penetrated and controlled” by the National Security Agency’s cyber-warfare arm, according to material handed to the Global Times on Thursday.

Through an email phishing attempt against a prestigious institution, it was able to gain remote access to the carriers’ core networks.

According to the newspaper, the intruders made off with network equipment, administrative passwords, file-transfer protocols, and other sensitive material.

This of course bring back to memory the 2014 incident that saw an American based entertainment company, Sony become a victim of hacktivists alleged to have been aligned with North Korea at the time.

Emails of Sony employees were hacked and leaked to the media with further threats made to Sony Pictures’ upcoming films at the time should the company go on to release the movie, ‘The Interview’.

The movie which was a political piece centered on two Americans assassinating North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un was intended by the hackers to not see the light of day owing to their machinations, but ultimately saw its release after former U.S President, Barrack Obama came into the picture.

Some damning information on Sony and its employee were made available to the public back in 2014 which has continued to be referenced in present day. It is yet to be known the reason for the recent hack on China’s telecom networks beside the news that the U.S Intelligence agency was behind it.

America and China have not had the best of international relationships in recent times, and this act could further break their ties.

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