Understanding Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success through your Zodiac

No Path is ever clear without a Guide


Understanding what the Zodiac signs represent in an entrepreneurial life

Do you know your Zodiac sign?

Long ago, the profession of astrology was quite popular with people, simply because it was a key to understanding what the future holds. In this case, people look to the stars to understand their path to success or failure.

But in a world where things have evolved, with science and data now used as predictive measures into fact finding, certain stuffs like astrology are looked at as nothing more than fiction or superstition.

Now, this is where they are wrong though, even though they may want to admit they have point.

Reading the stars however fictional it may seem, is very much factual, considering the fact that, it is the star signs that determine the time of the day, the month, the year and the season.

Without star signs, we definitely will be flying in blind in our daily lives, with everyone looking for a sign to guide their path.

These star signs to some mean different things, and by principle are called different names, but for this piece, we call them the ‘Zodiac signs’.

These zodiac signs, just like the stars, tell the characteristics of various individuals, how they react to situations, events and concepts. They can be used to tell which personality is more likely to achieve success the most, or quicker or do things more efficient or quite innovatively to the rest.

So using the guide of the zodiac signs to distinguish personalities that are more inclined to achieve success, we look at how this might shape the path of entrepreneurial success for an aspiring entrepreneur.

It is a known fact that an entrepreneur needs to be an astute personality who is confident, tactically intelligent, innovative, an opportunist who is smart given any outcome that come their way.

But what do the different zodiac signs say about entrepreneurs, specifically to those who are Leos, Capricorns, Cancer, Libra, Virgo or Gemini?

Understanding Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success through your Zodiac

The Leo Zodiac

This zodiac speaks about those birthed between the months of July 23-August 22. It reads their personality based on their good rapport with those around them, as they build and command trust from everyone.

It speaks of them being something of a leader, and in a lot of ways, it speaks to the fact that the star sign is represented by a ‘Lion’. And like a Lion, they know how to face failure and turn it around rather than being phased by it.

You think of any outspoken, wise cracking businessman who sees opportunity in a disadvantaged position, you might want to know if they go by the name Leo or were birthed towards the ending of July.

The Virgo Zodiac

For one, this zodiac sign is placed in the months of ending August to ending September (23 August-22 September), and judging by how it’s represented by the Virgin, it is safe to say that, their personality reads of them being perfectionist who don’t settle for a compromise.

Now, have you come by someone, or that boss who is never satisfied with whatever outcome you come up with, no matter how pleased you are of it, or perhaps a business owner, who keeps tweaking everything they do and are never satisfied?

They present themselves as very calculative, somewhat of a schemer who is intent on reaching a precise or definitive outcome, no matter what it takes.

Unlike the Leos, they might lack approachability to people or good rapport, seemingly because those things don’t factor in their calculations, or partly because they consider such as secondary.

They are most concerned about the outcome.

The Capricorn Zodiac

Birthed around December 22-January 19, and represented by the domestic animal ‘Goat’, their personality identifies them as being quite determined, level headed to achieve the ultimate goal.

They are quite like the Virgo Zodiac in that they are quite resilient, but unlike the Virgo, the Capricorn are more likely to act on impulse or take risks without bidding for the right time. They are very much the opportunist, who take whatever chance they get to achieve things.

Among the zodiac signs, they are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs although, them acting on impulse or being quick to take risks without bidding the time, could be a weakness as much as it is a strength.

The Libra Zodiac

They are birthed in between the months of September 23-October 22, and its star sign is represented by ‘Balance’.

Ever met that boss of yours who just wants to preserve order, more concerned with the work place having a positive aura and equilibrium as much as they want to make profit?

They believe positivity is the key to success, and would go long ways to make sure everyone is mentally in their balanced state of mind to ensure the objectives are understood. The Libra zodiac sign would so much as crave positivity that they do not want negative criticisms.

As an employee of a Libra boss, you find that working for or with this person is fun in itself as long as your own zodiac doesn’t clash with theirs.

Understanding Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success through your Zodiac

The Taurus Zodiac

Ever heard of the saying, ‘grab the bull by the horn’, well, this star sign is very much represented by the animal ‘the bull’. They are born between the dates April 20- May 20, and judging by the bull star sign, they are quite the determined, skilled but patient personality.

For having an enduing personality, they may tend to be quite slow in their approach, not because they are perfectionists but certainly because they welcome a smooth and soft sail or transition of things.

The Gemini Zodiac

This zodiac sign is represented by twins, which should be a dead giveaway into their personality as being idea men, bursting with creativity as they somehow feel like two people communicating together in one body.

They share a somewhat curious mindset and are accepting of ideas that isn’t theirs and wouldn’t fail to convert it into something much equally creative. Like the Leo, they are very much easy to talk to and accepting.

Their month falls within the month of May starting from the 21st to the 20th of June.

This zodiac sign is more likely to succeed quick cause it welcomes and crafts innovative ideas to transform the business quicker than others would.

The Aries Zodiac

Obviously if you one that hates a competitive environment, you may very much not like to have in your space a fiercely competitive partner or colleague, and for the Aries zodiac, they are exactly that.

They are represented by the fire sign and yes, they stay through to it as they are fire through and through. They present the personality of being bold, eager to walk their way to be number one and none to be very ambitious.

Of course, people of this zodiac will be seen as a threat should they own businesses and walk into the business environment, cause they will never give in unless they come out on top.

Generally, it is that challenge, or competition that they crave and the reward of being top. They fall in the Months of March 21 to April 19.

For the other zodiac signs such as the Scorpio, the Cancer, the Sagittarius, the Aquarius and the Pisces, they are much known as being good team players ready to follow an objective that leads to success.

They work well with others while slowly building their way up the ladder.


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