Using your Android Phone as Remote for your Android TV

When the idea for a Multi-purpose remote Control becomes a Reality, you have Adam Sandler to thank for it...


Obviously, we never imagined there would come a day when the idea for a multi-purpose remote control would become a reality, but with the age of Android applications and gadgets, anything is possible. At least, the Adam Sandler movie ‘Click’ tried to tell us this in its comical way.

We can all agree that searching for a TV remote may be stressful, but your smartphone can help you avoid all of that tension.

You may take control of all of your home’s Android TVs with the aid of a single application. This program is a legitimate, publicly available download from the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store. It is made by Google LLC and includes all required controls.

An integrated mobile remote for Android TVs is included in the Google TV app. However, the Google TV app’s current limitations restrict its availability to just Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. So you can get the Google TV app, head over to the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.

Using your Android Phone as Remote for your Android TV Using your Android Phone as Remote for your Android TV

To complete your download if the application isn’t accessible in your nation, turn on your VPN. Install the app and configure it to work with your Android TV after it has been activated. It’s simple to complete the setup for this application.

The Android TV remote icon can be found at the bottom of the app’s UI when you launch it. The application will then scan the area for nearby TVs.

Once the scan is complete, select your TV from the list that appears. Your six-digit pin will be provided by the Google TV app, which you must then enter on your TV. When finished, a Wi-Fi connection will be established between your device and your Android TV.

Instead of using the remote control, you can now operate your Android TV from your smartphone. What’s more intriguing is how easily this capability can be accessed on Android by using the notification panel. That’s yet another thing your smartphone is capable of.

So what other app comes next? An app that can pause time?


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