Visa Application to Study in Israel, the Pointers

What you need getting a Study Visa to Israel...


The thought obviously must have been on your mind for quite some time; to travel over to Israel on a study visa application but somehow, you don’t quite get how the whole process works.

We have to admit, visa application and all those foreign formalities thingy can be complicated sometimes either due to its processes or based on the fact we are oblivious of the whole thing and would very much appreciate some key pointers.

Of course, the nation of Israel offers study visa application for interested individuals looking to study in the country’s tertiary institutes of learning or perhaps its elementary and secondary levels, hence whatever visa application the individual is going for, can serve either purpose.

The Israel student visa application for one is a multiple entry visa that is valid for just a year, and just like many other countries, does not permits the recipients of the application to hold jobs in the country.

There is also the fact that its applicants cannot travel to study in the middle eastern country is they cannot prove they have a means of sustainability with strong financial backings in their stay in Israel. Of course, this is a problem seeing as the high increase in immigrant crimes in foreign countries has made nations like Israel to rather become self-conscious of granting visas to those who later on end up becoming nuisance to their society and a problem for their government.

Visa Application to Study in Israel, the Pointers

Hence, since a foreigner is likely going to be on their own there, they would want to see proves that they can do quite well on their own comfortably before visas would be granted.

There is also the fact that minors would not be given visas if there are no written consent from the parents or their legal guardian, and also a processing fee of $25 may apply to get the study visa.

So what are the requirements and the not so required things a prospective student needs to be aware of asides the basics?

There is the fact that a certificate of admission for study at a reputable educational institution in Israel must be submitted with the applicant’s visa application.

It is recommended that applicants apply for their visas in person. Mail-in applications will not be accepted.

Applicants are not allowed to bring any personal items to the embassy for safety reasons. Handbags, cell phones, and other electrical devices fall under this category.

Additionally prohibited are bottles or containers for food or beverages.

However, applicants looking for a general visa application, including or excluding student privileges, will also need to consider these other pointers too:

At the time of applying for the visa, the traveler’s passport must have at least three consecutive blank pages and at least ten (10) months of remaining validity.

$169 application fee for visas is non-refundable.

Two passport-sized, color pictures in good clarity that has 5 × 5 cm on a white backdrop

A letter of employment, a certificate of business incorporation or registration, or some other kind of proof of employment or business activity

Statement of accounts for six months’ worth of business and personal accounts.

Flight and hotel reservations.

In general, what is about the nation of Israel with tourists, expatriates, migrants or students anyway?

Visitors to Israel often express regret at having to leave the country, which is a testimonial to how much fun they have there.

Visa Application to Study in Israel, the Pointers

Tourists who come to the country are drawn mostly by its historical and religious monuments. Beach resorts, hiking trails, national parks, and wildlife preserves are some of the nation’s other top tourist destinations. Tourists may be sure to have an entertaining time during their entire trip because to the abundance of activities the nation has to offer.

One thing travellers or migrants to the nation may want to know prior to making the visit or the move to Israel is that they need to avoid photographing individuals in Muslim and Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods while visiting Israel.

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