VPN/Proxy Extensions that are best fits for Chrome

What's better than Speed and Privacy?


So you are on the internet looking to increase your download speed or gain access into files that are on a normal day restricted to specific countries but somehow you are indecisive on what to do or how to go about it. Well, there is the fact you can have a VPN downloaded to assist those goals.

Or perhaps, you are comfortable using the Google Chrome app but you obviously feel it can do better in helping you mask your identity and keep you anonymous on the internet or protect your computer from malwares. The safe bet in this instance is to have a VPN/proxy extension installed to support your Chrome device.

With this method the user can get the features a VPN application would on an average offer them while on the internet. So which of these are the best fits for a Chrome device?

By now you should know what you want from such tools; to boost your download speeds, protect your computer from malwares and viruses, and to protect your identity on the internet with your data kept private and away from third party.

VPN/Proxy Extensions that are best fits for Chrome

There is the ‘Windscribe’ VPN/Proxy extension; this one offers great speeds and has a lot of free privacy built in features to protect the user’s data, although compared to its competitions, it is very much limited on the free package level. As for masking a user’s country location, Windscribe has about 14 locations to mask with.

It has a monthly bandwidth limit for its free service with a usage limit of 2GB per month which makes streaming of 1080p videos not a good fit for the VPN/Proxy extension. Although the user has the privilege of increasing that bandwidth limit to 10GB if they choose to include an email address to the free account they opened.

On the plus side, the VPN/Proxy extension has ad-blocking features, location spoofing features, GDPR required cookie notice blocking and automatically deletes cookies the minute the user closes the tab they were browsing on.

Though it is not necessary for users to give Windscribe their email address when they open an account with it, it is however advisable considering at the event of trying to recover lost login details.

There is another option of the ‘ZenMate’ VPN/Proxy extension which is very much easy to use, has quite a good country list for users to choose from although it isn’t as extensive as they might think considering just 4 is for free. The features are quite simplistic for users, which can be a turn off for some users then there is a thing about its speed which isn’t as great as some might hope for.

ZenMate offers security for its users’ identities and privacy. It offers users features to block trackers, cookies and malwares as well as protecting users’ credit card details anytime they login their digits on sites.

Like with Windscribe, its free servers doesn’t offer users special streaming servers.

There is ‘CyberGhost’, this VPN/Proxy extension is well liked for its simplicity, very great speeds and an interface that is very pleasing and easy to use. Compared to other VPNs, this one has strict no-logging policy.

VPN/Proxy Extensions that are best fits for Chrome VPN/Proxy Extensions that are best fits for Chrome

It requires no registering of accounts to use its free service on Chrome devices, and there is the sheer fact that there are no bandwidth limits or usage caps for its users.

On the negative side is that its speeds might differ depending on the location of users and for countries in Asia it might be very slow. Then there is the fact it does not possess some powerful features like the double VPN. CyberGhost has just 4 country locations to mask as.

For the ‘Hide me’ VPN/proxy extension, this one is quite basic though with good download speeds, easy to use Windows app although with quite an expensive single year subscription. Its speed though may be quite inconsistent depending on the user’s preference. The Chrome proxy extension offers 3 server choices as well as protects its users from WebRTC IP leaks.

It has the maximum bandwidth limit of 10Gigabyte though and does not require an email address while registering.





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