What Meta doesn’t want you to Know Instagram does

Instagram has some cool stuffs you have no idea it does...


Sometimes there are Apps we use whereby we are oblivious of certain features it carries or its actual capabilities, and one such app is social media platform Instagram.

There quite a lot of things the app does or certain ways it can be used that some users of Instagram have no knowledge of.

Of course, the primary aim of the social media platform is basically to self promote one’s self and to get in touch with a few friends, so it’s understandable that most people will be oblivious to a few of its functions or what certain buttons may stand for.

And then, there are some who are confused as to the certain changes they have experienced with the platform as these days there have been a noticeable increase in ads from unrelated contents users normally would prefer seeing on their news feeds.

This of course has led to the viral trend of ‘make Instagram Instagram again’ as the accusations that the platform was quickly turning into its competition TikTok. Although a few of that has been corrected, but then there are new stuffs most people would be unaware of.

What Meta doesn’t want you to Know Instagram does

For instance, Instagram users can now filter comments by keyword while scrolling in their comment sections.

This generally is for those with large following and has a lot of people commenting on their posts and all, and would preferably want to scroll past the ones that have topics on what they want to see or hear. The filter comments by keyword also help to trace odd comments and quickly locate the user who left such in the post.

It also helps to eliminate spam comments while a user is scrolling through the comments.

You can also Copy and paste fonts from other apps for bios and captions as the new features now allows room for the use of different font texts when creating bios or captions as opposed to the basic font that accompanies Instagram.

In this case, all that is needed to be done is to download a free font app such as Sprezz Keyboard and LingoJan.

What Meta doesn’t want you to Know Instagram does

Just as you can copy and paste fonts from other apps to bios and captions, you can also add fun characters from other apps to bios and posts if copied from apps that generate fun characters.

If there is one thing that sounds reminiscent of WhatsApp, it is the fact that users can from out of the blue change their status privacy settings to decide on who gets to see their posts or who shouldn’t see their posts.

Well, it is the same for Instagram as the Meta-verse also allows Privacy functions for posts.

Generally, profiles can be made or set up as private to allow only those following said profiles to view or see whatever they post on their handles, but again, Instagram has provisions to hide posts from those also following the profile.

In plain terms, Instagram also lets you hide posts from those who follow you just as it creates the provision for you to hide posts from those not following your profile.

What Meta doesn’t want you to Know Instagram does

Now all that needs to be done is to tweak the setting by going to the profile and to the top right, click on the ‘Close Friends’ tag and select the followers you consider close friends.

These close friends become the ones to see all of your posts.

Create an Automatic Reply for impatient followers who need a quick response from you or perhaps an acknowledgement that a message was received or would be received in due time.

Of course, every human wants to be acknowledged or listened to, but a lot of times, this can be quite hard considering each person leads a very different life with a lot of worries or busy schedules, which is the essence of the automatic response function.

This allows a user to send a response message without having to send a message in person. This function is available in the settings, under the ‘Saved Reply’ tag.

It is very much customizable and is edited to suit the response a user would usually give if he or she were to reply such texts in person.

You can Hide Ads you don’t like on Instagram if you don’t want to see them.

The Ad thing on social media has been quite annoying for some people, especially when it relates to something that is very far from their interests.

What Meta won’t tell you is that there is a provision made for you to hide these ads or report them. All that needs to be done is to click on the top right of the ad and select the provisions made to either ‘Hide Ad’ or ‘Report Ad’.

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