WhatsApp extends limit to ‘Un-send’ messages

WhatsApp wants to help you better cover your tracks...


We’ve probably been there before, we sent a WhatsApp message to someone and minutes after, we still wondering to ourselves why we even considered sending the message in the first place.

It’s either the message was poorly conceived or it was rushed or perhaps the message was sent at a time we were experiencing a different emotion opposite to how we usually felt. Or it could just be us playing with our phones and a WhatsApp message mistakenly had itself sent to the wrong person.

Either way, WhatsApp had its users covered with its ‘un-send’ command key that if and when pressed, deletes or removes the message from the sight of the recipient before they see it.

Although, the problem was, which this time is for the sender, is that they need to remove the message before a stipulated interval else, it won’t be unsent anymore and the recipient will be able to view the message as raw as unintended.

WhatsApp extends limit to ‘Un-send’ messages 

Imagine unwittingly sending a text to a crush in all its full glory without the poetic or political tweaks that needs some adjusting so it won’t look like one preening over someone or trying too hard to force a conversation. That can be hard, especially for girls, and sometimes for guys looking to be masculine.

The grace period for removing WhatsApp messages varied before now. In fact, prior to 2017, deleting messages or removing them before the recipient saw it wasn’t even a thing. Then gradually, the feature was allowed but for minutes, then later an hour.

But now, it appears, the Meta group or verse, whatever it now chooses to call itself, has elongated the time period to allow users delete or remove messages that they don’t want the recipient seeing.

WhatsApp extends limit to ‘Un-send’ messages

The latest upgrade is said to now allow a whopping 2 days and a 12 hour extension period to remove messages or ‘un-send’ them in other words.

This feature is in reference to the ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature for messages that users intend wiping off from an on-going chat.

This therefore grants a user the privilege to deliberate whether to delete a text or let it slide to the notice of the recipient.

And funny enough, it grants those who send drunk texts, the much needed them to sober up and look at what they may have sent the previous night before they carry out their next line of action.

It is all about working on the upgrades for Meta at the end of the day.


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