WhatsApp have blacklisted these phones from using its App

Imagine waking up one morning and discovering you no longer can WhatsApp friends?



Imagine a world without instant messaging, then imagine a world without WhatsApp, but instead of that, imagine your phone no longer will be allowed to operate the app.

Well, it’s nothing personal; it’s what X men’s Patrick Stewart will call evolution.

And it’s the route the WhatsApp application is taking to continue being on top of the food chain. It continues adding to its features some iOS that some system no longer find compactable with.

WhatsApp have blacklisted these phones from using its App

In essence, some Android smartphones will as from June 30th find it difficult accessing the application, especially if they don’t have the needed features to enable them.

They will need the iOS 12 and probably be of the Android 5.0 to enable them access or utilize the app going forward.

So here are the android models WhatsApp won’t find compatible going forward.

They are the Samsung, the Huawei, the LG, the ZTE and so many more below:

WhatsApp have blacklisted these phones from using its App

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Samsung s3mini, Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite, Samsung Galaxy Train II, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2, Samsung Galaxy Core, Huawei Ascend Mate, Huawei Ascend D2, LG Lucid 2, LG Optimus F5, LG Optimus L5II, LG Optimus L5 II Dual, LG Optimus L3II, LG Optimus L7 II Dual, LG Optimus L7II, LG Optimus F6, LG Enact, LG Optimus F7, LG Optimus L4II, LG Optimus L2II, LG Optimus F3Q, LG Optimus L3 II Dual, LG Optimus L4 II Dual, LG Optimus F3, ZTE V956 – UMi X2, ZTE Grand S Flex, ZTE Grand X Quad v987.0, ZTE Grand Memo, Lenovo A820, Sony Xperia M, HTC Desire 500 and a few others.

So check the android version and iOS version you have folks, so you don’t get caught unawares by the evolving WhatsApp app. Times are a changing.

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