WhatsApp upcoming Feature ready to Help People Ghost more

Privacy Mode Activated


One of the pleasures of using social media networks is the degree of privacy it provides users, take for example WhatsApp. The social media app has provided its users some degree of freedom and privacy at least as far as users know of.

And according to reports, that is about to get a lot more better as the app and the Meta owned company is ready to launch a new beta version the ‘WhatsApp Beta v2.22.20.9’. This version is said to provide users the option to hide their online status from their contacts, specifically those who wish to remain in the ghost zone.

Obviously, in our everyday lives, there are just that number of people we would very much appreciate if we could take a break from or at least make our presence seem scarce to, and having our online presence known to them defeats such purpose.

WhatsApp upcoming Feature ready to Help People to Ghost more

Of course, they can send us text messages, we can ignore them but one thing you could never hide from is the fact, they may have seen our online status at one point and known what we were up to; ignoring them. So what if they never knew when we are online and we can actually make it look like we haven’t been on the web for months when actually we have been monitoring their activity like a ghost?

The new WhatsApp Beta Version v2.22.20.9 lets users have such privileges.

The company intends to replace the last seen tab with a new tab named last seen and online, which users get to access via their Privacy settings.

This feature lets the user hide both their last seen status and online status from contacts although WhatsApp is yet to reveal when this feature or this version would be made available to the public.

WhatsApp upcoming Feature ready to Help People to Ghost more

For now, the version is only available for beta testing and to beta testers to access as the Meta company has not included it on Play Store for the public as of this moment.

The CEO of WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta has revealed that along with the feature, three new privacy features will be added very soon including the leaving a group without letting the members know about it feature.


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