Why Data Analytics?

You need to know the why to better appreciate the process...


Data Analytics is the process of examining data sets in order to come up with trends while drawing logical conclusions from whatever information gathered. That is usually the explanation, but explanations often times don’t answer the question that is given it, do they?

So why Data Analytics? What is the need for them aside it being able to create trends or draw logical conclusions using pre-existing information?

Generally, data is capable of providing value assuming it draws the right abstract from the existing components it is trying to analyze.

In essence, they give access into insights that help make meaning and boost performance, and when it applies to a business environment, it can only get better as it helps to garner knowledge of customers, better have a grasp on ad campaigns and its outreach or work out budgets from findings.

With Data analytics becoming most paramount in the business world, it is critical that business owners understand why they delve into it and how to go about implementing it while bearing in mind its benefits. This is assuming the results computed from the analytics are consistent with the flowing trends.

Data Analytics allow for efficient Operations

It is probably one of the reasons for the science experiment, as it allows for a streamlined process that helps you save money and outline your targets.

An improved understanding into the consumer mind and eye lets you waste less time on creating ads that funny enough may not have the desired effect on your audience or for your target simply for the fact it does not appeal to consumer interests.

It’s like throwing stones at an immovable object hoping it will suddenly change its position, when in fact what should be done is a forceful removal of said object.

Why Data Analytics?

Making the right call

There is probably nothing as important as making the right call at the right time, and like the previous thought explained, doing the wrong things in hopes of achieving the desired effect gets us nowhere.

Using data analytics, companies get a window into the path that informs whatever decision they make to actually get the right outcomes.

Worthy of note is that analytics study trends; factual trends while removing guesswork and uninformed predictions while planning out marketing strategies or campaigns or deciding on products to create or develop.

Take for instance a sport betting gambler going on a Saturday to bet on games; having the right statistics or figures to guide his predictions of expected results at the end of the games, gives him a better edge in beating the odds.

It gets you the right Market and the right marketing

For a business, you need to know what is applicable and what isn’t in the open market. It’s like going into a fishing market looking to sell wall papers. Of course, you may see customers, but it’s nothing compared to marketing your business in the right market and to the right audience and at the right time.

In plain terms, you will have issues marketing your wall papers to fishermen or fish traders looking to trade in fish compared to say, marketing it in an environment where tourists or leisure seekers regularly find themselves.

Data analytics helps you understand the problems involved in your market or marketing and the reason for it through the use of various components and models.

Why Data Analytics?

Helps your customers better appreciate you

It is a part of human psychology for us to feel comfortable around people who know us better. We better appreciate them for it because ultimately we find ourselves sharing a connection over shared interests.

The question then becomes, how do we share a connection with our customers if we do not share the same interests?

Interests we share quite alright with people as a result of an aligning desire. In plain terms, we know what we want and we know what others want, and what others want, aligns with what we want. Data analytics helps you understand what your consumers or customers want to help you shape your own desires to align with theirs.

Hence it gathers the data profile of customers and their behavioral patterns to create for you findings that lets you approach your customers better and to help them appreciate you.


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