Why the UK Charity Visa May Not Be For you

Some things should better be Clarified before embarked upon...


Lots of people, specifically Nigerians get overtly excited about the possibility of skipping the country for elsewhere abroad, particularly countries like the UK, and thus would jump at any scheme that lands them there no matter what name or tagline it falls under.

Who could blame them? The sad state of the country isn’t a welcome development that would spur anyone to stay put when opportunities to travel to a place like the UK provides itself.

But here is the thing; a lot of these countries know this. They know how desperate people are, particularly Africans and other nationalities looking for greener pastures, and thus they craft programs that bring people over, either via educational schemes, work visas, tourist schemes and so on.

Why the UK Charity Visa May Not Be For you

Some of the schemes or programs are often mutually beneficial to both parties, especially if the travelling party know what is expected of them and does not fall out of line.

But this article isn’t specifically directed at those who are certain they won’t fall out of line, it is for those who think they can bypass the schemes to get something better out of it.

This is where the UK Charity Work Visa comes in.

So to dash whatever excitement an average Nigerian may have about travelling to the UK via this scheme, they should build such excitement rather on knowing what the Charity Visa really is all about.

For starters, it is rather a tourist/work Visa program, in that the migrant gets a limited period of time to work with a company in the UK, although without the luxury of an actual salary.

In this scheme, the migrant gets offered to do charity works such as provide tutorials to students either on Fitness or whatever they hiring company requests of the migrant. The migrant though is given accommodation and some other benefits but without an actual salary, instead pocket money on few occasions.

There is also the fact that their Visa applications would not be sponsored but rather paid for by the migrant seeking such moves, along with the flight tickets and whatever takes them to the UK.

Why the UK Charity Visa May Not Be For you

Now, there is also the fact that migrants cannot take outside jobs or say, side hustles outside the given work assigned to the individual by the company they are being sponsored by considering their employer is the one offering the migrant a certificate of sponsorship that brought them there in the first place.

While going through this scheme, the migrant gets to pay for the NHS depending on whether they stay up to a year in the UK during the Visa period. And speaking of the stay, the migrant cannot exceed a year of the Visa period, and any stay past this period may render the individual an illegal alien.

But like it was originally stated in the article, this specific scheme usually applies to individuals presumably going to the UK on short term basis or tourist visits and may seek what it feels like doing some work during their short stay that is more of an adventure than a get rich scheme.

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