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Why your Bluetooth can be Vulnerable to Hackers

“So is Bluetooth safe to use? How is Bluetooth used in hacking attacks?”



Why your Bluetooth can be Vulnerable to Hackers

With its presence in gadgets like smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth has become a widely used technology. However, while we’ve grown accustomed to using Bluetooth to connect devices to our earphones, automobiles, and other software, it still has a fair share of security flaws.

So is Bluetooth safe to use? How is Bluetooth used in hacking attacks?

The Workings of Bluetooth Security

The Bluetooth protocol has three different security models:

Non-secure mode: This mode lacks any security software. There are no measures like authentication, encryption, or communication security.

Security mode for services: Only the service level of security is present in this mode. In other words, there is no additional security provided even if an application using the secure service communicates in a relatively secure manner.

Link-level security mode: Unlike the others, this mode operates at the connection level. Here, preventing unwanted access and attempting to completely protect the system are the goals.

Each Bluetooth service has a security mode based on it that offers three levels of security. While some services may simply employ authentication, others may use both authorization and authentication. For devices employing this protocol, there are two alternative security models available.

In the Bluetooth security architecture, many security levels are also specified for both devices and services. There are two degrees of device security:

Secure: These are objects to which you have already created any kind of ongoing connection. As long as there are no restrictions at the application layer, they can use all services at any time without restriction.

Unsafe: These are gadgets that you have never connected to or communicated with before. Even if you connect to these gadgets, they are sometimes referred to as dangerous and unsafe for other reasons.

Why your Bluetooth can be Vulnerable to Hackers

With Bluetooth technology, you may transfer lots of files throughout the day. To the devices you enable to exchange files, you must, however, grant a lot of rights if you take into account the security services and modes mentioned above.

For another device to have so much control over yours merely because it is transferring a few files is a serious security concern. However, there are several safety measures you may take.

So here is how;

Only switch to “discoverable” mode when you need to use Bluetooth; keep it in “not discoverable” (transmission disabled) state otherwise.

Any Bluetooth device, including your smartphone, that is in discoverable mode is subject to Bluetooth problems. Any Bluetooth user within hearing distance of you could pick up your signal when you’re out for a walk, driving, or even just moving about your office.

Don’t keep your credit card details, social security numbers, identity information, serial numbers, passwords, or any other sensitive data on Bluetooth-enabled devices. If you’re going to use that, at least make sure to use complex passwords and additional layers of security, such Two-Factor Authentication, and keep them on sandboxed services (2FA).

How Do Cyberattackers Target Bluetooth?

When it comes to Bluetooth, there is a significant pool of attack vectors. The attacker takes control of the victim device without authorization by taking advantage of Bluetooth flaws.

After gaining access, the attacker uses privilege escalation, or utilizing a lesser exploit to gain access to a larger system, to exert control. It becomes feasible as a result to remove evidence, attack other devices, or even take control of the whole device.

From a distance, Bluetooth devices are often regarded as secure. But this is incorrect. With high-gain antennas, an assault can be launched from a distance of 1500 meters, and with Bluetooth 5, the most recent version of the technology, and evolving network topologies, it may be launched from even a greater distance.

Attackers typically use erroneous file transfers to produce unexpected outcomes. A system either enters an unstable state or crashes when an unexpected file is received and the set security level is insufficient. Attackers who take advantage of these circumstances can launch many attacks on defenseless targets.

Why your Bluetooth can be Vulnerable to Hackers Why your Bluetooth can be Vulnerable to Hackers

These attacks have a long number of potential outcomes, some of which are as follows:

  • Sending SMS or phone calls.
  • Modifying or updating files while viewing them.
  • Tainting audio, video, or other types of media that could hold delicate information.
  • Theft of data or things of worth.
  • Using the device to display offensive content.

In other words, attackers can gain access to all of the functions available to you when you have root privileges. Since the main chip has no authority limitations and Bluetooth and other chips with a similar architecture are directly attached to it, this situation frequently arises.

You can prevent root privileges from being used during an attack by limiting permissions.


Why your Bluetooth can be Vulnerable to Hackers

The Blueborne Vulnerability

The September 2017 publication of the vulnerability known as Blueborne showed how dangerous Bluetooth technology may be. This hack made it possible to run programs remotely on many different devices (although remote access can be made more secure).

Compared to other attacks, Blueborne had notable distinctions. The infamous vectors need the user’s consent. In other words, the end user was giving their consent to requests for connection, device trust, and file transfers. However, in Blueborne, the user was not required to grant any rights. Remote use of it was feasible.

Bluetooth attacks are not to be taken lightly. Keep your Bluetooth connection closed at all times, and never accept connections from unknown Bluetooth devices.

Removing unwanted Bluetooth devices from the list of trusted devices and keeping your software current are important precautions. The majority of Bluetooth attacks will be thwarted by using these techniques.

Since there is no such thing as perfect security, attack methods will always change along with technology.


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Well Paying roles in Africa’s Digital Space



Well Paying roles in Africa’s Digital Space

Africa has seen a rise in the number of startups in the digital space due to the digital revolution. As a result, attractive tech career opportunities have been generated throughout Africa. We have witnessed the emergence of unicorns like Interswitch, Flutterwave, and Jumia on the continent. We’ll look at some of the highest-paying IT jobs in Africa if you have a passion for the field.

The potential for this sector is enormous. Africa’s digital economy is sizable and expanding, with an estimated market size of $115 billion predicted to reach $712 billion by 2050 and Africa being home to a third of the world’s young people, according to a research from Endeavor Nigeria, a global organization of entrepreneurs.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are becoming more and more necessary as blockchain technology develops. They use blockchain technology to create and deploy architecture and solutions. You must be well-versed in programming, cryptographic frameworks, and technologies like Ripple, R3, Ethereum, and Bitcoin to work in this sector.

Technical Writer

One of the most in-demand, well-paying positions in the tech industry is technical writing. They collaborate with product developers to translate the complex operations of a system, product, or software into clear, straightforward language. This acts as guidance to users, ensuring a positive user experience with the product.

GitHub, binary code, artificial intelligence (AI), and networking are a few of the tools technical writers utilize to translate codes into text that is easy to read. You require specific technical abilities because of how technical it is. You can learn new skills on websites like Allison and Coursera.

Well Paying roles in Africa’s Digital Space

Data analyst

The lifeblood of every firm is data. Data analyst positions are among the highest paying in Africa due to the quick integration of data into strategic decision-making. They analyze and produce strategies to increase business productivity, decipher business trends, and make decisive decisions after interpreting business data.

Every industry employs data, which is a positive aspect of this subject. Consequently, every industry need data analysts.

Cloud Architect

The procedure of storing information has advanced beyond the conventional method thanks to technological innovation of the digital space. The cloud is increasingly used to store information. It entails storing information, data, and programs on distant servers so they may be accessed from any location and on any device. Amazon Web and Google Drive are only two examples of cloud-based file storage services. This eliminates the need for companies to manage and maintain their own servers.

Because of the significance of this position, there is a growing demand for cloud architects. The gap between business problems and cloud-based solutions is filled by cloud architects.

To ensure that the right technology or technologies are being developed, the cloud architect works with DevOps engineers and developers.

Microsoft pays a Cloud Architect N20,000,000 per year. A base salary of N16,000,000 is paid out of it each year, plus an additional N4,000,000 for bonuses, stocks, commissions, profit-sharing, and tips.

Full-Stack developer

Despite not yet reaching their height, developers are growing throughout Africa. One of the unquestionably highest-paying IT jobs in Africa as a result of the need for qualified developers Africa had 716,000 professional developers in 2021, up 3.8% from 700,000 in 2020, according to the Google and Accenture research on the continent’s development ecosystem. In addition, the pay for software developers increased by 11% on average in 2021. This is because opportunities have opened up as a result of the startup ecosystem’s boom and the rise of remote work.

Some developers specialize just in front-end or back-end work, but others are masters at both. Due to this, the number of full-stack engineers with expertise in either the front-end or back-end has increased.



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A thing or two about Cinema HD



A thing or two about Cinema HD

You can instantly access a wide selection of well-liked movies and TV series on Android thanks to this fantastic software known as the Cinema HD.

A simple search engine can help you quickly find the movies and TV shows you like so you can start watching them right away. Whether you’re looking for the most recent Hollywood blockbuster or a classic television series, Cinema HD has something for everyone. So why persist?

The features of the app are that it has;

CinemaHDv2 offers a vast collection of movies and TV shows.

Regularly updated movies playlist

It offers an opportunity to watch all of your favorite movies and TV series for free with the simple-to-use Cinema HD app.

Why pay for cable when Cinema HD offers everything you need and more?

Installing the App on Android

It follows a step by step process.

Step 1: In order to install the Cinema App, you must first grant permission for your Android smartphone to do so when you download it. On your Android phone or tablet, go to Settings and modify the security settings to activate this option. If required, uncheck “Unknown sources.”

Step 2: Open CinemaHDv2.Net on your Android smartphone and use the search box to look for “Cinema HD APK.”

Step 3: The “Download Cinema HD v2 APK” button is located in the lower-right corner of the article, where you can also get the Cinema HD v2 APK.

Step 4: Once the Cinema HD App has finished downloading, wait a short while before using it.

Searching for HD Cinema

You may find the magnifying glass on the bar’s far right side. You can use this search option to enter the name of any movie you want to view.

However, Cinema HD should occasionally not function owing to trivial issues like a bad internet connection. However, other significant difficulties could exist because the majority of users experience problems like buffering and grey screens. It can be caused by a malfunctioning internal server or a significant cache buildup.

Any extension needed to use the service?

You’ll require a VPN that shields your online activity from your ISP, respects your privacy, has a large number of servers, and is dependable. If you’re looking for a VPN for streaming, you should especially pay attention to the one that provides the quickest, most reliable connection.

One of the more recent video streaming services, Cinema HD is quickly gaining popularity. The exceptionally excellent visual quality that Cinema HD provides sets it apart from other providers.

Why the fuss about Cinema HD?

A thing or two about Cinema HD

The popularity of Cinema HD can be attributed to two key factors. The first benefit is that it is one of the few streaming providers with a wide variety of high-definition video. Second, the price is really reasonable. In fact, it is now among the most inexpensive methods to enjoy HD movies and TV shows.

The app is definitely something to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a cheap method to view your favorite movies and TV episodes without sacrificing quality.

This software has gained enormous popularity among both cord-cutters and movie buffs despite the requirement for a quick mobile internet connection. When compared to traditional cable or satellite TV providers, the app’s extensive library of popular movies and TV shows and high-quality picture make it an alluring choice.

Further attracting potential consumers is the fact that the app is free to use (unlike many other streaming services).

It is probable the app and other such streaming services will continue to gain popularity as more and more consumers cut the cord and stop using traditional TV providers. The streaming app has all the necessary components to be a major player in the space, but only time will tell if it emerges as the industry’s guiding light for streaming movies.

A solid software with a large selection of movies and TV shows, Cinema HD might keep your regular streamer occupied for several hours. Providing you don’t mind the occasional advertisement. What makes Cinema HD superior to other free streaming apps?

Finally, the streaming app is a brand-new streaming service that provides stunning high-definition video. It upconverts lower resolution content to a higher resolution using a technique known as “scaling.”

This makes sure that you may still enjoy a high-quality image even if the original content wasn’t produced or broadcast in high definition. Due to its wide variety of HD material and low price, The app has very well gained a lot of popularity.



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Microsoft mulls over the idea of Investing in Zupee



Microsoft mulls over the idea of Investing in Zupee

According to reports from people with knowledge of the situation, Microsoft has recently held discussions to invest in the Indian play-to-earn gaming platform Zupee and has offered to potentially lead a funding round of over $100 million.

This is the most recent of a series of bets the cloud services giant has made to grow its business in the important international market.

The two companies haven’t come to a deal, and the sources admonished that there is a risk the deal won’t actually happen. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, a team at Microsoft has warned the multinational computer giant against the merger due to concerns over the perception of betting.

Microsoft mulls over the idea of Investing in Zupee

Zupee choose not to respond. A request for comment made to Microsoft late last month received no response. According to two people with knowledge of the situation, the Zupee contract attempted to require the business to use Azure and other Microsoft cloud services, like many other startups, like Oyo in which Microsoft has invested in India.

The “skill-based casual gaming” platform is run by the New Delhi-based company Zupee, which has received over $120 million to far, including around $100 million in its Series B round that it closed in January of this year.

Over 70 million downloads of board games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladder, Playing Cards, and Carrom have been made by the company, which was recently valued at $600 million.

It established a relationship with Jio Platforms, India’s largest cellular operator with more than 420 million members, in January that it referred to as “first-of-its-kind strategic.”

In a previous press release, Zupee stated that the two businesses would cooperate to create a “environment that would promote faster and more efficient creation and delivery of products and services.”


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